Getting ready to cross the Atlantic

Our year of no flying is coming to an end. We left home on September 15, 2009, traveling from the US through Asia and Europe by container ship, ferry, train, and bus. We just spent three weeks in London with our friends Indraneel and Debipriya, where we got the chance to dig deeper into the aviation-critical movements that inspired our trip.

By the time you read this, we should have set sail from Antwerp to the East Coast of the United States aboard the container ship MV Bonavia. We loved our experience crossing the Pacific on the MV Hanjin Madrid; we're hopeful that this journey will work out as well as the last one.

We're offline for two weeks as we cross the Atlantic, but you can try tracking our ship's position and arrivals. If everything works out, we'll arrive at Philadephia's port of Chester, around August 24. Wish us luck as we cross the big pond.

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Hey Guys, good luck on your crossing! I've been really enjoying the blog.

I'm planning my own similar trip for hopefully sometime next year. I work as a cinematographer/photographer and am hoping to shoot it as a documentary project. This is my work in progress site

I'm hoping to met and interview other fellow low carbon travelers! I wanted to send you guys an email but didnt see it listed on here. If you'd be interested, let me know! Thanks!

ps - I'm based in NYC so if you are passing through at all, let me know! I also use to live in Philadelphia so if you have any questions don't hesitant to ask!

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We're a landscape architect (Barnali) and tech geek (Anirvan) from San Francisco spending a year trying to travel across continents aviation-free while talking to people exploring solutions to transportation and the climate crisis.

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